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Are you ready to sign that important lease that will put your business in the ideal location? WAIT, fax the proposed lease to us and have it thoroughly reviewed and/or amended. We will always quote the fees involved before we begin any work so you will be able to prepare your budget.

What Our Law Office Will Do For You

We will be sure that the lease provides for maintenance and operation of clean premises and building.

Accessibility for tenants to entries, passages, doors, elevators, hallways or stairways of both the Building and parking facilities.
Tenants will not paint, decorate or otherwise physically alter the Leased Premises or Building without the prior written consent of Landlord.
Unrestricted passage of business goods such as furniture, equipment, merchandise or materials within, into or out of the Premises, shall be restricted as agreed by Landlord as necessary for tenants ordinary course of business. Tenant will assume all liability and risk to property, for the movement thereof.
Lost or Stolen Property is not the responsibility of the Landlord regardless of how or when loss occurs.
No sign, door plaque, advertisement or notice will be displayed, painted or affixed by Tenant, in or on any part of the outside or inside the Building, without prior written consent of Landlord.
Tenant will not allow the operation of any sound producing (including musical) instruments or device which may be heard outside of the Leased Premises.
No additional locks, door cages or window bars shall be placed on any door or window or changes made to existing locks, cages or bars on the Building without the prior written consent of Landlord.
Landlord reserves the right to: Close the Building at 7:00 P.M.; subject to Tenant's right to admittance under restrictions prescribed by Landlord such as requiring the persons entering the Building to produce identification and confirm their right to enter and leave the Building; close all parking areas between the hours of 7: 00 P.M. and 8: 00 A.M. during weekdays and Close all parking areas on weekends and holidays.
Tenant will, prior to leaving Leased Premises unattended, secure all doors and windows and shut off utilities; any loss or damage resulting from failure to do so shall be paid by Tenant.
Tenant will give Landlord immediate notice of any damage that occurs or defects that exist in air conditioning equipment, plumbing, electric facilities or any part or parcel of Leased Premises.
The plumbing facilities will be used for the purpose which they were constructed, and the expense of any obstruction or damage resulting from a violation of this provision shall be at the expense of the tenant.
The landlord must give prior authorization to any and all contractors and/or technicians work for Tenant on the Leased Premises, Building, or parking facilities before such work commences.
Tenants will allow the work of Landlord's cleaning staff after 6:30 P.M., and such work may be done at any time.
Tenant will not install or operate any refrigerating, heating or air conditioning machinery without the consent of the landlord.
No display or other objects shall be allowed in common use areas such as the front of or to any part of the exterior of the Building, nor in the halls, corridors or vestibules without the prior written consent of Landlord.
Transparent doors, which allow light into the building, are not allowed to be covered by the tenant.
Tenant will not solicit business in the Building's parking facilities or Common Areas.
When Tenants must discard rubbish that is to large for the normal rubbish basket, it will be the responsibility of Tenant, with Landlord's assistance, to discard such rubbish. In no occasion will the Tenant place the rubbish on the premises other than the Tenant's own Premises, for removal.
Tenant is responsible for any damages to the Leased Premises in the ordinary course of business.
Tenant will not install any antenna or aerial wires, or radio or television equipment, or any such equipment, inside or outside the Building, without Landlord's prior approval.
Tenant will conduct its business in such manner as not to interfere with any other Tenant.