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Your business may be filed anonymous or we will provide stand in services for the directorship and officiating capacity of your business so you may always retain your privacy. A corporation has continual existence. Contrast this against a sole proprietorship or partnership ends when a partner or owner dies. If the surviving spouse or heirs for a business owner want to continue the business in their own names, it will be considered a new/different business.

Ease of maintaining control of your business

By distributing stock, the Shareholder of his business may share profits of a business without giving up control. This is obtained by keeping a majority of stock of the issued stock or by issuing differing classes of stock, such as voting and non-voting stock.

There is a great deal of ease of transferability

A corporation and all of its assets and accounts may be transferred by the simple assignment of a stock certificate. It is not so simple with a partnership or sole proprietorship, each to the individual assets must be transferred and the licenses, accounts and permits must be individually transferred as well.

Raising Capital tax free

A corporation may raise capital by selling stock or borrowing money.  And most importantly, a corporation does not pay taxes on money it raises by the sale of stock. Additionally, investors are far more likely to invest their time and money in a company they know will protect their personal assets in case of a law suit. Furthermore selling shares of a business at the private level is easy with the right attorney helping you along the way.

Other tax advantages

The following advantages are only available to corporations:

Losses/expenditures are fully deductible for a corporation whereas an individual must prove there was a profit motive before deducting a loss. 

Dividends do not endure a corporate tax at the federal or state level if the owner chooses to elect to be a sub chapter s corporation. 

Tax differed trust may be set up for the owners retirement plan.

Medical insurance for your family may be deductible.

Advertising Costs, Business Insurance, Paid Wages and sales tax associated with your business.

Interest paid on capital loans and your overhead expenses that allow your business to function daily.

Business rental and lease expenses as well as professional fees for banking, legal or accounting services are fully deductible.

Business Travel expenses and business vehicle expenses.

All start up expenses for your business is fully deductible as well.

One of the main reasons for forming a corporation is to limit the liability of the owners. For instance, in a sole proprietorship or partnership the owners are personally liable for the debts and liabilities of the business, and creditors can go after all of their assets to collect. If a corporation is formed and operated properly, the owners can be protected from all such liability including when you sign a lease, buy business goods or borrow capital.